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  1. All these Bracelet’s are Fire Polished Czech Glass except the hot pink, it’s Chinese Glass. These Bracelets are all Pro Life, with a Little Feet Medal.
  2. All Wire is Nickel Alloy(German Silver) and the Chain is .6mm Silver Oxide. 
    I will go from left to right, starting at the bottom
  3. Yellow Czech Glass 
  4. Light Sapphire Czech Glass 
  5. Cobalt Czech Glass 
  6. Orange Facet Czech Glass 
  7. Emerald Green Czech Glass, Starting at the top left
  8. Amethyst Czech Glass 
  9. Dark Sapphire Czech Glass 
  10. Hot Pink Chinese Glass
  11. Teal Facet Czech Glass 
  12. Garnet Facet Czech Glass 
  13. If your interested in any of these Bracelet’s or a different color of Czech Glass, let me know. What I’ll need is the size of your wrist, to make a correct fit.
  14. tomoneil62@gmail.com
  15. Velveteen Pouch included